What is a shareware ?

Shareware is basically "try before you buy" software. Unlike software marketed through normal retail channels, where you are forced to pay for the product before you've even seen it, the shareware concept lets you try a program for a period of time before you buy it. Once you have tried a shareware program, you know whether it will meet your needs before you pay for it.

What is a freeware ?

A form of software distribution where the author retains copyright of the software, but makes the program available to others at no cost. Freeware is often distributed on bulletin boards, or through user groups. The program may not be resold or distributed by others for profit.

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1. Name
2. Organisation
3. Age Group

4. Designation

5. Email :-
6. What kind of freeware/shareware are you using?

7. From where do you get Freeware /Shareware?

8. According to you what could be the evaluation period of the Shareware?

9. Are you satisfied working with Shareware/freeware?

10. Are you satisfied with the time you spent to download the freeware/shareware?

11. Do you hesitate while installing freeware in a computer where important data are stored

12. Do you attempt to find cracks for the shareware you have downloaded?

13. Does using shareware increase the chances of introducing a virus into computer?

14. How many times you reach to your requirements using shareware/freeware?

15. How often have you worked with shareware?

16. Which of the following you have found more bugs while operating?

17. How many shareware software have u worked with?

18. What could be the criteria for expiration of shareware

19. Average time you spent to understand the working of software is in

20. Average time duration you used the sharevare/freeware

21. How did you find the protection on the sharewares you used ??

22. Please name the sites from which you download the freeware/softwares usually ?
23. Would you like to request for the report of this survey ? If Yes please make sure you have entered your email address

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