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Bonrix SMS Systems With Address Book (For Any Installation Problem Contact At: +91 94260 45500)

Screen Shots
STEP 1 : Software Installation (download and install all following package)
Bonrix SMS Manager

Download Bonrix SMS Manager

* You Can Send Single SMS, Group SMS, SMS In Perticular Series And Also Random SMS Using This Package. 

* Before Installtion Of Any Given Software You First Need To Install This Package.

* Run INSTALL.BAT File To Install This Package

Bonrix SMS Directory Structure


Bonrix SMS Software Open Interface

Download Directory Structure * Copy This Directory Structure In Your Drive C:. 

* Run SETUP.BAT To Copy Directory Structure.

* Every Folde In This Directory Structure Provide Perticular Interface/Function According To Its Name.

Bonrix SMS Server

Bonrix SMS Server 4
Bonrix SMS Server
4 GSM/CDMA Modem
Bonrix SMS Server 4 Nokia CDMA

Download Bonrix SMS Server * Send SMS From SMS Queue In Bonrix Folder in Drive C: To Given Mobile No. Through Mobile Handset.

* Provide Facility For Sending Flash SMS.

* Automatically Pickup SMS From Peding SMS Directory

* Support One Mobile Connection.(10 SMS PER Min)

Address Management System

Download Bonrix Address Management System

PreRequired: Office XP


Download Database Driver

* For Management Of Personal Address and Business Contact

* Search and Send SMS Facility, Group SMS Facilty from Addess Book

* Address Printing Facility on Address Label (2X6, 2X8, 3X8 per page)

* Advance Search Option with Print Facility 

Bonrix SMS Systems

STEP 2 : Register You Software For Full Fuctionality (To Remove "Powered By: www.Bonrix .net" From SMS)

* Please Send Your Software CODE from Register Window, We Will Send You Software Release Code To Register Your Software.

* You Will Get Life Time Online Support On Ph.No. +91 94260 45500 And On

* You Will Get Any Further Upgradation Free Of Charge.

* We Will Provide You Full Technical Support To Integrate Your Exisitng Software With Bonrix SMS System.

Load the Software....Plugin the hardware...Install the SIM card ..and you are on!!!

Software Tested With Nokia 5110, 3310, 3315 with DAU-9p
Data Cable (FBUS)

For Any Installation Problem
Contact At: +91 94260 45500.

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System Requirements :
Nokia 5110, Nokia 3310 (FBUS Compatible))
Serial Data Cable (FBUS)
Spare RS232 Port (COM1, COM2...)
Valid GSM SIM Card (Pre-Paid, Post-Paid)

Per Message Cost :
Normal rate charge by GSM network(BSNL,Hutch...)

Throughput (SMS/Min.):
10 SMS per Min. Using One Mobile Handset
100 SMS per Min. Using Ten Mobile Handset
(Depend on GSM Service provider BSNL Hutch...)

Compatible Nokia Handset And Data Cable
Nokia 3210 Nokia 3310 Nokia 3315
Nokia 3330 Nokia 3350 Nokia 3410

Nokia 3510

Nokia 5110 Nokia 6110
Nokia 6210 Nokia 6310 Nokia 6510
Nokia 6610 Nokia 7110
Price: Rs. 300.00 per Cable
Shipping Charge: Rs. 50.00(Within India)

Call Us: +91 94260 45500

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Bonrix Software Systems
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