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Election Campaign

Posters, banners, loudspeakers – we’ve seen them all during election campaigns. This time a brand new medium has entered the arena. The SMS (short messaging service) has bitten campaigners in last election.

“You cannot meet everyone in a family during door to door campaigns. Many of them are at work. I note down the numbers of those who carry mobiles and send them SMS, seeking their votes,”

“I also use it to co-ordinate with my workers during election meetings.”

"Party workers carrying mobiles are a common sight in campaign offices. A candidate has distributed more than a dozen mobiles to his campaign workers"

“I received a number of SMS from candidates seeking votes, even from a rival party candidate,”

“Sending SMS has become cheaper with some operators some providing the service free.”

"In most cases, it’s the technosavy young candidates who are exploring this facility. The older generation seems to shy way from it"

“SMS based campaigns are comparatively cheaper than traditional media, no clutter and highly responsive.”

"Political parties have hit a hi-tech campaign in the December 1st assembly election in Delhi seeking votes through SMS and e-mail"

"The mobile phone has come handy for candidates to reach executives, managers, bureaucrats, homemakers and senior citizens at a personal level"

"Seeking vote through an SMS is like paying a visit as today the cell phone has almost become a part of one's body"

"Some innovative ideas on how out to campaign by SMS: A party symbol 'Lotus' or 'Hand' as a screen saver in a mobile phone in a last-minute effort to get the voter's attention"

"SMS could be the politician's new poll brahmastra : Short Messaging Service is all set to make its debut as a propaganda vehicle in the coming elections in India. Cellular service providers are willing to offer the service to election candidates to reach out to lakhs of voters simultaneously"SMS Via Mobile


As campaigning picks up in India's state elections, candidates are looking at new ways to reach the voter. Elections in India are a colourful affair, with the liberal use of posters, banners and music. Many candidates travel on specially built coaches, transformed to resemble medieval chariots. But in these elections, political parties and candidates are increasingly using new technology and media to make their pitch. The growing number of mobile phone users and increasing use of the internet have provided the parties a new campaign platform. Some political parties are busy sending catchy text messages to voters through mobile phones. Many candidates have also launched their own websites to attract urban voters. The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party has taken the lead, setting up a team to generate campaign slogans to be transmitted via mobile phones and e-mail. A leader of the rival Congress party said by using Short Messaging Service (SMS) and e-mail, the candidates can directly target urban voters who may otherwise be apathetic. Mobile phone numbers and e-mail addresses of voters are being compiled by the parties through local resident welfare associations and clubs."

Election-Related Information

"You can provide election-related information through SMS. Through this service the public can access electoral roll data on their mobile through SMS"

Elections Results on Your Mobile Phone

Your customers can know the latest developments during this General Election. You can set Service in which customers who send a blank SMS to your mobile, will receive up to six SMS updates on the electoral results. Customers may also send an SMS with a district number to receive specific information about the selected district. The updates of the District Coverage SMS will include information about all districts. Your customers may choose to subscribe for SMS updates for one or more district.

Bonrix SMS Systems

STEP 1 : Pre-Required Software Installation ( First download and install following package)
Bonrix SMS Manager

Download Bonrix SMS Manager

* You Can Send Single SMS, Group SMS, SMS In Perticular Series And Also Random SMS Using This Package. 

* Before Installtion Of Any Given Software You First Need To Install This Package.

* Run INSTALL.BAT File To Install This Package

Bonrix SMS Directory Structure


Bonrix SMS Software Open Interface

Download Directory Structure * Copy This Directory Structure In Your Drive C:. 

* Run SETUP.BAT To Copy Directory Structure.

* Every Folde In This Directory Structure Provide Perticular Interface/Function According To Its Name.

Bonrix SMS Systems

STEP 2 : Download Following Software Installation According To Your Requirement

Bonrix SMS Server

Bonrix SMS Server 4
Bonrix SMS Server
4 GSM/CDMA Modem
Bonrix SMS Server 4 Nokia CDMA

Download Bonrix SMS Server * Send SMS From SMS Queue In Bonrix Folder in Drive C: To Given Mobile No. Through Mobile Handset.

* Provide Facility For Sending Flash SMS.

* Automatically Pickup SMS From Peding SMS Directory

* Support One Mobile Connection.(10 SMS PER Min)

Bonrix Advance SMS Server Download Bonrix Advance SMS Server * All Above Features 

* Supports Ten Mobile Connection At Same Time. (100 SMS PER Min)

* 8 COM Port PCI Card Requird To Support Ten Mobile (Images Given Below) 2, 4, 8 COM PORT PCI CARD

Bonrix Bi-Directional SMS Server

Download Bonrix Bi-Directional SMS Server

* Supports Both Incomming and Outgoing SMS.

* Supports One Mobile Connection.(10 SMS PER Min)


Bonrix SMS AutoReply Manager

Download Bonrix SMS AutoReply Manager

* Works With Bonrix Bi-Directional SMS Server

* Keep It In Start State To Auto Reply Incomming SMS.

* Design Your System Similar To IndiaTimes 8888

* Just Change Database In C:\Bonrix\SMS\AutoReply\Database To Customized Your Response. 

Bonrix SMS Systems

STEP 3 : Register You Software For Full Fuctionality (To Remove "Powered By: www.Bonrix .net" From SMS)

* Please Send Your Software CODE from Register Window, We Will Send You Software Release Code To Register Your Software.

* You Will Get Life Time Online Support On Ph.No. +91 94260 45500 And On

* You Will Get Any Further Upgradation Free Of Charge.

* We Will Provide You Full Technical Support To Integrate Your Exisitng Software With Bonrix SMS System.

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