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Bonrix SMS Server 4 SMPP (SMSC)- Group SMS Software

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Bonrix SMS Server 4 SMPP (SMSC) is desktop software application for group/bulk SMS through Internet. This software can be used for various purposes such as marketing through SMS and election campaign through SMS. It is compatible with almost all SMS Gatway (SMSC) which supports SMPP (URL GET/POST HTTP Protocol). It can be used to develop SMS system such as Bulk/Group SMS system, SMS-Alert system, Web SMS system, Corporate Intranet Web SMS system, Email2SMS. It can be also used for developing any other customized SMS system. Open API, Sample Source Code is also available for same purpose. It only supports outgoing SMS, Incoming or two way SMS is not supported with this software. The best part of software is that it sends SMS with unbelievable high speed through internet because this one is multithreaded application supports unlimited connection with SMSC Gateway.
In India, SMS service on Internet is available at affordable rate from many SMS Gateways. Best part of this software is that it is reliable and you can take maximum throughput out of it.
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